Windows 7, What to do?

Windows 7

Windows 7 is going End of Life on January 14, 2020.The O/S had a great life and was very stable after Windows Vista’s short lifespan.

Windows 7 was released in October 2009 which means your computer running Windows 7 is likely 6-10 years old. Many of our clients inquire about upgrade options for their older computers.

So what to do? There are really two viable options for older computers running Windows 7. One option is to upgrade the O/S to Windows 10 and the other is to purchase a new computer running Windows 10 (Mac or Linux Desktops are also options).

Should I upgrade to Windows 10? The answer is a definitive maybe. It really comes down to the the level of the components in your computer. If the computer is a higher end Intel i7 and well configured then an O/S upgrade may be in order. If you have limited funds for the purchase of a new computer than that also may be a reason to upgrade the O/S to Windows 10.

Other considerations for upgrading the O/S on an existing computer are as follows. There may be some incompatible hardware on older computers that would negate the availability of drivers for some components. We can help with guidance here at Satuit4me to provide best options for your upgrade. Another point to ponder is does it make sense to invest in paying for the O/S upgrade in terms of installation services and O/S costs? This is where a purchase of a new computer is worth considering.

Some IT techs suggest using the “Free” upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This program officially ended on July 29, 2016. There was an exception for end users that required assistive technologies such as hearing and vision capabilities. This program ended on December 31, 2017. All that said the upgrade seems to still be working but Microsoft states clearly that you need to purchase a license.

“Windows 7, What to do? At Satuit4me we will provide the most cost effective path for your upgrade. Please contact us.

Most of the time it makes sense to purchase a new computer running Windows 10. With the various sales during the year a new computer can be purchased for a very reasonable price. We are happy to provide upgrade guidance for a new computer here at Satuit4me. We can also transfer all of your data from the Windows 7 computer to your new computer. I suggest this path quite a bit since the cost of an Windows 7 to Windows 10  upgrade can be up to half of the cost of a new computer.

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