How to Check Your Facebook Account to see if it was Hacked

Facebook Hack


Question: Was my Facebook Account Hacked?

At the end of September Facebook announced that as many as 30 million accounts may have been hacked. The target was the login token that allows you stay logged in so you don’t have to re-login on the same device. Facebook has addressed this issue by resetting up to 90 million access tokens.

To check to see if you were one of the chosen ones you can check under the help section.

From there you will know the extent of the data the hackers may have of your personal info. You will follow into one of three categories. This could change but as of now.

  1. FB Message : based on what Facebook knows so far, you’re not impacted = No Impact since you were not affected.
  2. FB Potential Info Hacked: email addresses, name, and phone number accessed
  3. FB Potential Info Hacked:  The data from Item 2 AND date of birth, gender, Devices FB used on, language settings. If you indicated the following on your profile: religion, work, relationship status, education, hometown, current city, locations tagged in, Facebook searches.

Facebook logged out affected users so there is no need to do the same nor reset your password according to Facebook.

Here is my FB Hack status.

Facebook Hack Status



2 thoughts on “How to Check Your Facebook Account to see if it was Hacked”

  1. I think someone set up a FB with my name. My husband and many friends are asking why I am asking them to accept me as a friend when we are already friends communicating to each other on FB

    Bonnie Vokits

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