Why is my Cable Modem in the basement?

I often see Cable Modems and FIOS Routers with WiFi placed in probably the worst possible location within the house…the basement. The net result is spotty WiFi. The other issue is when a Cable Modem is placed on one end of the house the integrated WiFi provides minimal WiFi signal to the other end of the home.

I find this detail from a brochure (pictured below)  from a cable provider advising NOT to place a Cable Modem in your basement kind of ironic since that is where they have installed Cable Modems historically. I find many, many clients have the basement cable modem issue.

A favorite client of mine recently inquired about this and it made me ponder. My theory is years ago cable modems did not have integrated WiFi and the logical point of entry for the coax is at the base of the house near the basement.

We are installing a lot of new customer owned cable modems and upgrading to separate WiFi Routers that provide great WiFi for the entire house. Purchasing your own cable modem saves you $11/month so the ROI is less than a year. Why have spotty WiFi? Give us a call at Satuit4me to see what we can do for you.


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