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David is a professional and real person. I was given his name and do not hesitate to highly recommend him and his skills. He has worked on and solved many computer issues for my personal and business computer systems. From email to data migration he exceeds in all request. He takes all your questions, listens and explains. The only thing equaling all this is his punctuality,( shows up on time, a rare thing today). I have all ready shared his name with many. You will have no regrets what so ever!

James R.

I had a network issue on one of the 4 computers at my business. I called my IT guy who couldn’t figure out what was causing it. Dave at Satuit4me was able to figure it out and got me back up and running. He is very knowledgeable with a very professional demeanor. I highly recommend his services!

Lisa L.

Satuit4me, Dave, very professionally took care of my needs in selecting and installing video cams for my 90 year old mother. He was recommended by NEST. I called him. We talked through the application I had in mind. He placed the order for me. When the cameras arrived, he came to our house, placed them, connected my Iphone, tested all out and gave me a lesson. It was the easiest technology experience that I can recall. He is very nice to work with – a truly ethical consultant in making sure you don’t over or under purchase. We will be calling him for other tech needs.

JulieAnne W.

Dave Berkeley was efficient, highly professional and incredibly informative throughout the entire process of installing thermostats, smoke and CO2 detectors, and a security system in our home. I would call him again in a heartbeat for any IT or communications needs.

Wendy B.

We have worked with Dave several times in 2017/2018 and have found him to be bright, articulate, an excellent troubleshooter, responsive and a pleasure to work with . With his almost two decades at INTEL as an expert, we have not been able to stump him yet. I highly recommend Dave. 

Brad W.

Dave installed a security camera for me and it is a blessing. I had a situation where someone was vandalizing my car and he took the time to research and recommend what would be best for my particular situation. I bought the camera and he installed and got is started up in no time at all. It has been great and I have had no vandalism issues since the camera was installed. He did a great job. He took the time to make sure it was up correctly in the perfect position. He is reliable, friendly, educated and will take the time to make sure it is done correctly and working properly. the next time i need something electronic taken care of he will be the first person i call.

Dawn R.

Dave installed our modem, router and accessories. He was efficient, knowledgeable and friendly!

Nichole S.

Dave helped me re-access my email account after suspicious activity… He is super professional, friendly and very fair with payment. He is a wonderful troubleshooter and extremely knowledgeable in regards to computers. I would highly recommend him and his service. Thank you Dave!

Heidi W.

Dave came to our home to help fix some wifi issues we were having. He suggested and helped install a mesh system for us and since then everything is working seamlessly! Dave was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend his services!

Karen R.

Dave patiently helped me cut the cord. He recommended an upgraded modem and router with satellite and set them up. He is never tired of my questions and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of home technology. If it weren’t for Dave I’d still be paying twice what I’m paying now for TV. If you’re a newby at this and just don’t know where to start I suggest starting by having a conversation with Dave to walk you through it all.

Pam K.

Scituate – Standish Ave

[email protected]





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