Time for an Over the Air Antenna?

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4K Over the Air Antenna’s Coming

I initially started offering antenna installation as part of my Cut the Cord service with my business Satuit4me. This was a reasonable solution to obtain the local channels over the air (OTA).

As the streaming service vendors added additional capabilities most started to offer local stations which negated the need for an antenna. The only exception I run into is a client who only wants the locals and is not interested in paying for streaming service(s) or cable TV at all.

OTA provides a good selection of local channels up to HD 1080. Antenna’s are a bit of hit and miss as you do need a reasonable line of sight in the direction of the towers. Tree’s can obstruct the reception quality.

I generally have most clients streaming these days and indicate how to gain the local channels without an antenna.

There is a new significant standard called ATSC 3.0 coming that will certainly draw some interest in OTA given that 4K HDR broadcast and improved audio will be supported.

The negative is there will also be targeted ads with ATSC 3.0.

Mobile phones will also be supported and 5G will be a nice fit. The good news/bad news is existing antenna’s will be compatible but TV tuners in existing TV’s will not given their ATSC 1.0 standard.

Vendors such as LG and Samsung will have ATSC support in their high end sets this year.

There will likely be tuner adapters for the ATSC 3.0 transition.

The roll-out will occur over time with the top 30 markets being the first targets with additional markets added over time.  Here is a link to the targets 

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