Nest Hello New Usage Models

I am a Nest Pro and have recommended and installed the Nest Hello Doorbell for a number of clients. I also have the Nest Hello Doorbell cam installed at my home. I was expecting the typical usage model of a stranger ringing my doorbell and being able to see video of the person at my door and converse with them. I am surprised at the many ways I hadn’t thought of the use cases having the doorbell cam. One of the first instances of using the cam remotely was when my wife and I were traveling and being able to see who arrives at our home while we were away. Seeing when my daughters boyfriend arrived and ultimately left was a bit of an eye opener. The latest surprise happened recently when we heard a large explosion that shook the house a bit. Turns out the boom was heard all over the town I live in. The local Facebook groups lit up with lots o theories on what transpired. Everything from Meteor explosion to bomb or aliens. I reviewed my Nest Hello cam footage and sure enough it caught the timeframe of the boom. The loud sound was a very loud fireworks that I captured on the Nest and one of my surveillance cams.

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