VPNFilter Malware — Update Your Router

Router Upgrade

With the latest VPNFilter malware its important to not only reboot your router but also to update the firmware.

The FBI called for a reboot which should help out clear anything running in memory.

You should reset your router  back to factory default at a minimum but  a firmware update is in order for sure.

Routers from Netgear and Linksys are being called out and other devices such as NAS and VPN solutions as well from TP-Link and Qnap.

I suspect there will be other devices added to this list as time goes by.

Basic steps are

  1. Note your router model and revision
  2. Go to Vendors support download area to obtain your firmware
  3. Upgrade firmware by uploading to your router
  4. Set up router WiFi and passwords

Directions for updating your firmware:




Couple other suggestions:

Ensure you set a different password than the default on your router.

Set up WPA-2 security on your 2.4 and 5GHz WiFI channels.

at satuit4me we can do a site survey for your wireless environment and update your Router. Please contact us.







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