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“I hired Satuit4me to help me ‘cut the cord’ with Comcast and it was a very positive experience. Dave is extremely helpful and worked with me taking this one step at a time to free myself from the every mounting fees of Comcast. You still need Internet but I have reduced my bill by 40% and will reduce further when I return some Comcast equipment. Dave is very patient working with you and I am very pleased. Highly recommend..”

Janice D.


We are not the most tech savvy and so finding Dave to help us “cut the cord” was incredible. He went through our whole home, advised us on best way to improve connectivity, reduce our costs and still get the same, if not a whole lot more from our tv by dropping Verizon. We couldn’t be happier. We now understand how our systems work, we have drastically reduced our Verizon bill, get all our favorite shows on tv, including live sporting events and have perfect WiFi throughout our entire home. Thank you Dave! We truly appreciate your help!


“Dave patiently helped me cut the cord. He recommended an upgraded modem and router with satellite and set them up. He is never tired of my questions and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of home technology. If it weren’t for Dave I’d still be paying twice what I’m paying now for TV. If you’re a newby at this and just don’t know where to start I suggest starting by having a conversation with Dave to walk you through it all.”

Pam K.


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